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Save The Beer Depot Sign!

Help us restore this:

Sign Damage

To its original glory:

Beer Depot Sign - Photo By Spencer Thomas
Photo By Spencer Thomas

Nice Pole. So Where’s The Sign?

The latest snag? The insurance company tries to not pay on our policy!

Although the big black pole recently erected in front of the Beer Depot is a vast improvement over a nine-foot hole surrounded by caution tape, it’s not exactly the look we’re going for! So what’s the hitch on getting the sign up? Well, the short version is that as we headed into the homestretch – after the lengthy and costly process of filing the appeals needed to get the sign up in the first place – we hit another snag: the insurance company refused to pay anything on the policy! They tried to claim the sign just “fell over”, which – given the fact that the day the sign went down was one of the windiest on record – seemed to us a ludicrous claim. So we went to court. And “won”. If you call getting a third of your expected policy benefits (after legal and admin fees) a “victory”.

In spite of the fact that we could have avoided a lot of misery and expense by simply replacing the classic sign with a modern one that conforms to current code, we still have no regrets about the decision to preserve this iconic piece of Americana!

But after this latest “Ten Thousand Dollar Surprise”, we’re finally acting on a suggestion made by a number of customers and supporters, and launching a “crowdfunding” campaign. We’ve invested a lot of time and additional expense to do what we think is right for our community and its historic locations, now is YOUR chance to show some support if you like.

We’ll announce the fundraising campaign as soon as it’s live!

Posted By:Admin January 2, 2013

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