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Save The Beer Depot Sign!

Help us restore this:

Sign Damage

To its original glory:

Beer Depot Sign - Photo By Spencer Thomas
Photo By Spencer Thomas

Help Us With the Final Funding of the Restoration

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After almost two years and nearly twenty thousand dollars, we were in the homestretch of restoring the sign when we hit one more snag: the insurance company refused to pay on the sign’s policy, and we had to take them to court! After expenses, the settlement provided us about a quarter of what we expected. As a result, we decided to act on a suggestion made by many of the sign’s supporters, and create a “crowdfunding” campaign. If you like, you can show your support on Indiegogo. We also want to touch on a reasonable question gets asked a lot, which is why would we ask for help for a sign for a retail operation? Well, primarily because when the historic Beer Depot sign blew down in 2011, the cheaper, easier option was to simply replace it with a modern, less expensive one, but we felt obligated to preserve this local landmark. We honestly didn’t expect so many obstacles along the way, especially this last one with the insurance. We’re dedicated to getting this historic sign back up no matter what, but your support can help us here in the homestretch!

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