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We proudly feature tasty and value-priced sandwiches from Buscemi's Deli


And great oven-ready pizzas from Mama Rosa's

Mama Rosas

How To Save 30 Bucks On
An Evening Of Beer & Pizza

Mama Rosas PizzaHow many times have you stopped by the Beer Depot late in the evening to treat yourself to some pricey craft or import beer (dropping twenty dollars or more) only to find yourself STARVING at 2am, and dropping ANOTHER thirty bucks or more on delivery pizza?


We have some excellent pizza from Mama Rosa's right in the cooler by the door. We can't believe you missed it on the way out! Let's see.... $6.99 for TWO pizzas that take 15 minutes in the oven? Or $30.00+ for ONE pizza that takes 30 minutes or more? Plus, tipping the Beer Depot staff - while not forbidden - is certainly not REQUIRED. We'll leave the math up to you.

Great sandwiches, pizzas, dips & desserts from names you already know, and a few you should if you don't...


Father's Table donates 50% of the profits from their awesome desserts to charity!

Father's Table

Who says there's no such thing as Michigan Cuisine? It's called a PASTIE:

Albie's Pasties

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