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The Beer Depot

The Beer Depot is your source for fine spirits, wine,
and bottled beer in downtown Ann Arbor.

Over 750 Beers • Over 750 Wines

And everything else you'd expect in a party store.

Located in the historic Ottmar Eberbach building at
114 E William, less than a block from Main Street

Don't believe the vintage "Drive Thru" sign though!

They made us close the drive thru, but that means we can
stock that much more beer, wine, and spirits for your pleasure.

Welcome Back Students!

The Sign Is Back!

In April of 2011, our Doo-wop Era neon sign was blown down by high winds. After a lengthy appeal process, numerous other hurdles, and help from the community it's back!

Beer Depot

Learn About The Beer Depot Building HERE

Want even more wine and spirits? Check out Main Wine just down the road on North Main!